Online alarm clock

We have created free online alarm clock tool, where you set an alarm directly on your computer. Site has more time features:

Online alarm clock

If you know exact time when you want to be notified or when you want to wake up,  this functionality  is for you. You can set alarm clock e.g. for 6 a.m. and this online web tool will wake you up.

Online timer

It is used, if you want to be notified in some time interval, e.g. in an hour or in 30 minutes from now.

Online stopwatch

Online version of standard stopwatch, easy to use.

Online counter

You can count something up or down by 1.

Online clock

You can see current time, which is  displayed on big screen.

Check it and you can also use it for example to remind you something during the day or when you want to wake up!